MetaPharma is a B2B platform designed to facilitate pharmaceutical wholesale and logistics.

For pharmacies, MetaPharma is a single window to the market through which pharmacies could find all supplies required with best offered prices at any point of time. We offer financing for pharmaceutical volume purchases and convenient delivery to pharmacies.

For wholesalers, MetaPharma offers efficient and informative access to the pharmaceutical market. Metapharma enables wholesalers to accurately identify demand, and accordingly adjust prices and inventories. MetaPharma commits to settlement of all sales orders from warehouses.


Developed by a team of Iraqi entrepreneurs and Canadian and EU educated Iraqi expats with experience in developing business critical solutions including UAE eGovernment, financial institutions data management, and digital payments industries. Initial investors include Iraqi financial institutions, logistics companies, and Iraqi pharmaceutical sector companies.

About the Company

Metapharma is seed funded by Lukemani Advisory & Private Equity, and supported by major warehouses, scientific bureaus, and the government of Iraq.

90 Burnhamthorpe Road West
Suite 1400
Mississauga, Ontario, L5B 3C3

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or call us on: +1-647-428-6272

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