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Ordering daily from suppliers takes your time away from your pharmacy?

On average, Iraqi pharmacies take between half-hour to and 1.5 hours ordering from one supplier every day.

Calling your supplier and geting no answers? Or supplier is closed down?

Many of your daily pharmaceutical items needs are not available?

Iraqi pharmacies suffer from 20% - 40% missing items every day.

Suffering from returning items you don't want daily? Costing you money in price differences when adjusting accounts with suppliers?

Put your daily requests on MetaPharma and leave it for suppliers to deliver it all to your pharmacy

With MetaPharma, you don't need to chase suplliers for your daily pharmaceutical needs. Just choose to connect with the suppliers you prefer, and they will take your orders automatically.

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Get special offers from all suppliers in one place and request instantly

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Request From Largest Suppliers in Iraq

Platin Drug Store     Enaya Sihya Drug Store     Four Seasons Drug Store     Al-Tharthar Drug Store     Baghdad Al-Khair Drug Store     Talbia Drug Store    

and many more...

"Everyday I just put my requests and receive the orders directly to my pharmacy without any efforts on my part"

Dr. Bareq Taleb - Narjis Al-Kathmyeh Pharmacy


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